Hey there and Welcome!
I’m Tylynn, and I’m so happy you stopped by.

This story really all started right after our wedding. I had graduated college, gotten married, and moved – all in the month of May.


Given the chaos and planning of that month, I had decided to postpone starting my “real” job until sometime in July. So there I was. Newly-graduated. Newly-wed. Newly-moved. Alone. At home. Aaaall day. Meanwhile the new Mr. (more specifically known as Joseph) continued his normal routine of heading off to work. It was all great in the beginning. I had plenty of time to get our new house set up and bask in the gloriousness (real word? It is now…) of having nothing to do. But where to start? And how? I’m not one of those super creative types who can picture the perfect décor for a room or connect the dots between the look I imagine and what I see in the stores. But away I went, attempting to make our white-walled, empty new townhouse feel like a home. Where did I go? Goodwill of course. And Craigslist. They became a very important, very real, very frequent part of my life. Like drinking coffee.

It was all sunshine and rainbows to start off. I had a blast browsing Craigslist and the thrift stores looking for those steal-of-a-deals. But after about a week of organizing and thrifting while Joseph worked all day, I realized I needed to keep myself a little more occupied. I needed a little more purpose to my days. Add that to the fact that, as most people have experienced at thrift stores, you can’t always get what you want, and I had the perfect recipe for a Rolling Stones song – you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find what you need. So I figured I’d try something new. I thought about my hobbies and skills and how lonely our living room looked with no furniture in it. Enter the “just might find what you need” part…aka my Very Own. Homemade. Dee. Eye. Why. (see what I did there) coffee table! Please excuse the bad photo … I didn’t know I’d be posting this online when I took it.



Yep, I built our coffee table. Since this was my first attempt at building furniture, I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about the project. So I started with some research. Lo and behold, I found the superb site of Ana-White. I loved her rustic coffee table design and decided to give it a go. Now, I do have some experience working with tools and wood and such – so this wasn’t a total shot in the dark. However, I had never built furniture from beginning to end all by my lonesome. There are a few rough parts and mistakes, but I had such fun building something from scratch that it makes up for the couple bubbles in the polyurethane and the decorative side pieces that don’t exactly line up. And, overall, I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

Let’s just say, I was destined to catch the DIY bug after that coffee table. I’m a civil engineer by trade and grew up helping my parents on all sorts of projects – from homebuilding to remodeling to crafting to dropping a new engine in my first truck. I’ve always had that special place in my heart for making, fixing, and building yourself.
So, when you put  “oooh fun coffee-table-building-project”  and  “destined to DIY”  together   »»»   BOOM. You get a woman on a mission to make awesome things. And here we are. So please, take a look around the projects, big and small, and bear with me as I navigate this blogging stuff for the first time.

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Now that we’ve covered all that background, I’ll start with my first project: The Coffee Table. Why a coffee table, you ask. Because I needed something to support my addiction (literally).