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when you realize

When you Realize you’re a Crazy Pregnant Lady … Plus Thrifty Finds you should Never Pass Up

Part 1: When you Realize you’re a Crazy Pregnant Lady

More accurately … when you realize you’re not the “normal” kind of crazy pregnant lady.

I’ve heard that it’s common to get the “nesting” urge around the end of a pregnancy. Makes sense since (say that 10 times fast … sense since sense since sense since …)

Anyways, let’s continue.…

DIY Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

Recently, I helped my close friend (and sister in law) DIY a set of wine bottle centerpieces for her wedding reception. Who doesn’t love wine bottle centerpieces for a wedding?!? They add a delicate touch to your tablescape, offer additional space to fill with flowers, and can be used to number the tables! Plus, it gives you an excuse to drink that many bottles of wine … it’s a win-win.

 We got together the other day and knocked out 12 of these in about 45 minutes! Super simple and quick.

Continue on down for the short and sweet details!

Old Jean Coaster Set

I’m very excited to say that today I have a fun project from my younger sister, Marquette. She got ahold of me last week and asked if I’d be interested in posting one of her latest DIY’s.

Well, of course!

She didn’t know she’d be posting a tutorial of this project when she did it, so there aren’t many photos to go along with the steps. However, I think you’ll still be able to figure things out as you attempt this DIY.…

Transfer Images onto Wood: Wax Paper Method

How in the world do you get a cute design onto a piece of wood without using vinyl or being a super skilled artiste?

I pretty much typed that into google …

Turns out, there are some really clever people out there who do this sorts of stuff all the time and have blogs with step-by-step instructions … imagine that!

I went through a few different instructionals (yeah, that’s not a word but you get what I’m trying to say) and found that I really liked the wax paper transfers. Simple, easy, to the point.

I tried it out and figured I might as well put a quick tutorial up here for easy reference!…

Farmhouse Jute Rope Coasters

We have really light (basically white) countertops in the townhouse we’re in currently, which makes it pretty difficult to prevent drink rings and stains … or any stains for that matter … but we’ll just focus on the drink rings/stains for now. It’s been a problem since we moved in, but with living in a rental townhouse there’s not a whole lot that we’re allowed to change. Definitely not countertops … which is actually fine since that’d be a whole crazy can of worms to try to fix something that big while it’s still below zero here in Minnesota.

Anyways, this week I’ve come up with the cure: some cute little coasters should do the trick for now!…

Kitchen Jar Labels

It’s so satisfying to be able to keep all your kitchen goodies super fresh and easily accessible. And, really, who doesn’t love an organized and stylish kitchen? As I’ve been working to make our simple townhouse a home, I decided that adding a little pizazz to the kitchen could do some good…. Entre cute labeled glass canisters!…