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DIY Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

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I have to be honest here: When I first made the lid for my blanket chest, I messed up the dimensions and it ended up a little small. But it was already finished and perfect and wonderful before I discovered the mistake … oops …

So I attached it to the chest anyways and just moved on with my life ……

How to reupholster a chair feature

How to Reupholster a Chair

Hey all! Things have been a little quiet around Bitterroot DIY lately due to the new addition to the family, but I’m picking it back up again this week!

A short aside: Mr. Weston Michael Sattler joined us on August 12 at 5:35pm and has completely flipped our lives upside-down. The best sort of upside-down 🙂

After recovering from the pregnancy and birth, I finally completed the dining table and chairs flip that I hinted at before Weston. So I’ve got three new posts coming your way, starting with how to reupholster a chair!…

diy storage chest 3

DIY Storage Chest

Ever since we moved into our townhouse, we’ve been slowly adding to our furniture collection. One of the biggest necessities has been more storage space. In the living room, we’ve been just piling nicely folding blankets and leaving them out on the couch. It works, but we were ready for a more organized space. So I decided to make the blankets their very own home – the DIY storage chest.

Finally a place for all that fluffy blanket goodness!…

Wood nursery sign

DIY Wood Nursery Decor

When I started looking for decor for the new baby nursery, I did what anyone would do – headed to Pinterest for inspiration! There are so many adorable ideas out there, but one of my favorites was a wooden plaque with a simple quote and image. I thought about just purchasing it, but then decided I wanted to make a special one for my new little boy 🙂

And I knew exactly what to write … that never happens for me.

Blanket Ladder Turned Nursery Organizer

Hey all! I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately stressing brainstorming about organizing the new baby room/nursery. He’s due to show up here in about 7 weeks and, as of 3 days ago, everything was just piled up in an extra room in the house in complete disarray … no joke … piles everywhere. So finally last week, I decided we’re probably getting close enough that we should get things somewhat situated and prepared … you know, so we can find the carseat when we head to the hospital and find the diapers once we’re home from the hospital. That sort of crazy stuff.

I like to refer to Part 1 of the nursery organization extravaganza as The Purge. Yep. Everything out of the room. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Approximately 5 lifetimes and 6 million trash bags later, I moved onto Part 2: Denial. What if I just leave everything in piles? That’s fine, right? As long as I know what’s in each pile.

Part 3: Acceptance. No, I couldn’t just leave it all in piles. As things were, I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom, which just really isn’t a good situation at 7 months pregnant.

So I pushed on, and moved all the new baby things back into the room. But there was a small problem – nowhere to put all the things! I had the dresser that I upcycled, but no shelving or anything like that.

And that there was the moment of inspiration for the blanket-ladder-turned-nursery-organizer.…

DIY Nightstand

My little brother has been in need of a new nightstand for a while now, but he doesn’t have a ton of room in his bedroom. Since I’ve been getting into woodworking lately, he decided to ask me for a custom piece to fit the space! He gave me some dimensions and requested a large drawer for storage. Other than that, the rest was up to me!

I started with a pretty basic nightstand, and then added some cool accents to fit in with the log home (very much rustic-style) and his boy décor.…

Dresser Refurbish

Hi all! With this new baby on the way, I started thinking we’re probably going to need a place for diaper changing as well as a place to keep new baby’s clothes and such. I did quite a bit of research into changing tables vs dressers and decided to go the dresser route. We don’t have a ton of space in what will be the baby room. It’s currently the “catch-all” room – full of super valuable items random stuff. Kinda like a “junk drawer” (other people have those right?) … except this is the whole room. But, I digress.

Anyways, the dresser is the most compact way to store baby items and have a changing area in the small space. Plus, as baby gets older he already has his very own dresser! Score.