Old Jean Coaster Set

I’m very excited to say that today I have a fun project from my younger sister, Marquette. She got ahold of me last week and asked if I’d be interested in posting one of her latest DIY’s.

Well, of course!

She didn’t know she’d be posting a tutorial of this project when she did it, so there aren’t many photos to go along with the steps. However, I think you’ll still be able to figure things out as you attempt this DIY.

Jean CoastersHave an old pair of jeans lying around that have gotten to the point that you just can’t wear them anymore?

Read on, my friend.

Introducing to you Marquette’s old jean coasters:

Step 1.

Make your pants un-wearable (i.e. rip them on the booty WHILE at work…)

Step 2.

Jeans typically have seams that are sewn on both sides down each leg and across the top of the butt (see picture for what I’m talking about here).

Beware, not all seams are that sturdy or appealing once converted into a coaster.  I chose the seams that are sewn on both sides in order to have more robust material for my coasters.

Cut the seams out as close to the stitching as possible. You’ll want as much of this seam as you can get from the jeans so you can make more than one coaster … because nobody should drink alone 😉

I was able to make about two coasters from one pair of jeans.

Step 3.

Cut the seams into 5-inch strips. You may cut them shorter or longer depending on how big you want your coaster to be.

Step 4.

Weave the seams together in a simple over-under pattern.

This is the fun part! Jeans often very in color depending on what side of the seam you use and what part of the pant the seam came from, so make your pattern interesting!

Once you’re satisfied with your pattern, push the strips of seams close together, making the space between each strip as small as possible.

Step 5.

Glue or sew the strips together to finish your coaster.

Since I used glue, I’ll go over that method:

Looking at the over-under pattern, you’ll see that each jean seam overlaps from top to bottom on the outermost edge of the coaster. Starting on one side, pull up all the strips that are on top on the outermost edge and, using a sturdy fabric glue, glue them to the strip beneath. Do this all the way around the coaster. Then flip the coaster over and do the same to the other side, carefully lifting each strip edge that has not already been glued and gluing it to the fabric beneath it.

Careful not to get too carried away with the glue as it will seep out between the strips!

Step 6.

Let your masterpiece dry and voila! A stylish and rustic way to avoid watermarks on your beautiful coffee table.

– Marquette





If you have any questions about this little DIY, feel free to leave comments and I’ll do my best to clarify!


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