When you Realize you’re a Crazy Pregnant Lady … Plus Thrifty Finds you should Never Pass Up

Part 1: When you Realize you’re a Crazy Pregnant Lady

More accurately … when you realize you’re not the “normal” kind of crazy pregnant lady.

I’ve heard that it’s common to get the “nesting” urge around the end of a pregnancy. Makes sense since (say that 10 times fast … sense since sense since sense since …)

Anyways, let’s continue.

It makes sense since there’s about to be a brand new little tiny person in the home. Things should be ready to go, clean, and organized.

I’m about 38 weeks now and have been expecting to hit this nesting stage any day now. I’ve had little doses of nesting since the start of the third trimester, but nothing too wild. We’ve set up a dresser, organized his itty bitty clothes (the most adorable little stuff on the planet), got some diapers and wipes, and have a place for him to sleep – standard procedure sort of things.

But this past weekend, it really hit me. This little guy could make his debut any day now. Anything is fair game at this point.

How did I handle this realization?

I have packed our garage and house with random free crap paraphernalia from Craigslist and antique shops.

To upcycle, reuse, and build with, of course!

Why? I don’t know. Because it makes complete sense to line up a bunch of projects for myself when I’m about to have a baby?

… I’m just going to blame it on the hormones …

Part 2: Thrifty Finds you should Never Pass Up

All I can say is, I’m super excited about my finds and wanted to share them with you all:

  • Awesome shutter window mirror thing
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Massive mirrors (these are incredibly difficult to get a good photo of … please excuse our outdated dining room/living room set up) giant mirrors

How could anyone pass those up? Seriously neat finds 🙂

I should probably make some freezer meals and pack a hospital bag or something … like a normal crazy pregnant lady.

Or just embrace being cut of a whole different cloth. The “other” kind of crazy pregnant lady – a DIY-er pregnant lady.

So, my fellow DIY-ers be warned! That “nesting” phase might actually be an “I-should-try-to-do-ALL-THE-PROJECTS-before-baby-is-born” phase.

That aside, stay tuned for all the upcoming projects!

And somewhere in there, I’ll introduce the newest member of our family 🙂


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