DIY Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

Recently, I helped my close friend (and sister in law) DIY a set of wine bottle centerpieces for her wedding reception. Who doesn’t love wine bottle centerpieces for a wedding?!? They add a delicate touch to your tablescape, offer additional space to fill with flowers, and can be used to number the tables! Plus, it gives you an excuse to drink that many bottles of wine … it’s a win-win.

 We got together the other day and knocked out 12 of these in about 45 minutes! Super simple and quick.

Continue on down for the short and sweet details!

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Tools & Supplies

Step 1.

Measure the circumference of the wine bottles and cut the wide ribbon to size. Adhere to the bottle with hot glue.


To ensure the ribbon stays put, glue at a few points as you work around the bottle. Make sure both ends of the ribbon are sufficiently adhered to avoid any fraying.

Step 2.

Center a piece of twine on the wide ribbon, glue the end down, and wrap around the bottle about three times (or more or less depending on the look you want).

On the last loop around the bottle, attach a table number to the twine.

We simply made the table numbers in Word, printed them on cardstock, and used a hole punch in the top right corner to run the twine through.

Once you run the twine through the hole at the top of the table number, continue the around to the back of the bottle near where you started your twine loops, cut the twine to length, and glue the end down.

That’s it! Beautiful, simple table numbering.

Please leave any questions or comments you might have. I would love to hear from you!


Also, I’m sharing this project over at Made by You Monday from Skip to my Lou. Follow the link to see all the other great ideas from the party!


  1. Carol ("Mimi") - Reply

    Cute idea! I’m not planning for a wedding, but these decorated wine bottles would be cute for any type of entertaining — a party or dinner. I especially like the lace & burlap combination. Simple and pretty.
    Carol (“Mimi”) at Home with Mimi

    • tylynn_sattler - Reply

      Thanks Mimi! I’ve seen this style used for so many different occasions, and it’s one of my favorites 🙂 Plus, super easy to make yourself!

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