15 Things to Build with 2x4s

Save money on your next furniture project and check out these 15 things you can build with 2x4s.

15 Things You Can Build with 2x4s

I’ve been using a lot of 2x4s for my projects lately and it got me thinking – 2x4s are one of the most versatile cuts of lumber. There are SO many things you can build with them – indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, shop accessories, home decor, frame a building – you name it! And one of the best parts is the cost. There’s not much out there that beats the price of 2×4 lumber! So, in the interest of budget-friendly DIY, here are 15 awesome things to build with 2x4s:

1. Outdoor Sofa Sectional

Photo courtesy of ana-white.com

2. Outdoor Rope Bench

2x4 Outdoor Bench
Photo courtesy of atcharlotteshouse.com

3. Workbench

How to Build a Workbench

4. Hall Tree

2x4  Hall Tree
Photo courtesy of ana-white.com

5. Dining Bench

2x4 Dining Bench
Photo courtesy of shanty-2-chic.com

6. Dining Table

2x4 Dining Table
Photo courtesy of shanty-2-chic.com

7. Rustic Bench

2x4 Bench
Photo courtesy of savvyapron.com

8. Simple Bench

2x4 Bench
Photo courtesy of girljustdiy.com

9. Kid’s Picnic Table

DIY Kids Picnic Table

10. Outdoor Bar Table

2x4 Outdoor Table
Photo courtesy of thediydreamer.com

11. Coffee Table

2x4 Coffee Table
Photo courtesy of uglyducklinghouse.com

12. Kitchen Shelf

2x4 Kitchen Shelf
Photo courtesy of funkyjunkinteriors.net

13. Pantry Risers

2x4 Pantry Risers
Photo courtesy of shineyourlightblog.com

14. Console Table

2x4 Console Table
Photo courtesy of rogueengineer.com

15. Coffee Table

2x4 Coffee Table
Photo courtesy of abeautifulmess.com

There are a TON of great ways to use 2x4s, but those are a few of my favorite from around the internet! I hope they inspire you to pick up some 2x4s and get building!

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15 Things You Can Build with 2x4s

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  1. Hung Tran says


    I’m new to woodworking and really love your youtube video and instructions, great inspirations. May I make a request video or plan? if so can you do one with the folding bench into a picnic table?

    Thank you much,

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