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Boy Bedroom Makeover

You’ve seen the twin bed. The dresser. The toy organizer. And now it’s finally time for the full boy bedroom makeover reveal.

Are there still tutorials to write for the rest of the room?

Of course. I’m not really that on top of things.

BUT! It’s been a couple months since I finished the room, so it’s definitely time for the official reveal.

Every time I finish a new room in our house, it becomes my favorite project. And this one’s no exception.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

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When we first moved into our house last year, this room was the only room that had NEVER gotten new carpet. Granted, the rest of the house was in rough condition … but this room was especially dated. The house was built in 1977, so you can imagine what the carpet looked like – pea green, saturated with dirt, and stained.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

Please excuse the terrible photo quality … I always forget to take “before” pictures so these are actually screenshots from a video of the room … my bad.

Despite the poor quality, you get the idea of how dated the room was.

So for the most of the past year, we used this as the catch-all crap room … the junk room I suppose. I know most people have a junk drawer, but we managed to fill an entire room (please tell me there are more people that also have entire junk rooms …). I snapped these photos right before demo, so all the junk is mostly picked up.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

The first step of the process was to gut the entire space. I removed the carpet, trim, main door, closet doors, old curtains, light fixture, and scraped all the ceiling texture.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

It’s pretty bad when the room looks better empty and unfinished than with the original finishes in there … just sayin’.

After I finished demo, I repainted the ceiling and added a shiplap accent wall.

Boy Bedroom Makeover
Boy Bedroom Makeover

This was the first shiplap project I’ve done and I’m so happy with how it turned out! The paint color is Benjamin Moore ‘Steel Wool’, which is seriously the most perfect grey/blue – great for a boy’s room. The wall is a great accent in the room but isn’t too much for the small space.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

I painted the rest of the room Benjamin Moore ‘Pale Oak’ – a nice, soft “greige”.

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – paint is magical. What if I told you the window in the photo below is the original wood window from a few photos back? Yep. Just add some primer and paint and it looks brand new! I’ve been slowly working my way through all the windows in our house, and it amazes me every time how a little white paint can make such a huge difference. It brightens the entire room!

Boy Bedroom Makeover

Once I finished painting errrrything, I installed fresh carpet and all new trim.

Let’s take a minute to talk about this carpet … did you know you can buy carpet that has the pad attached?



I found it at Menards, and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread – no need to worry about putting down a pad, stretching the new carpet over the pad, and sticking it to the nasty tack strips. All you have to do is roll it out and stick it down with carpet tape or adhesive. Win-win.

Alright, back to the room!

Boy Bedroom Makeover

What newly renovated room still has an old, outdated door?

Not this one.

Boy Bedroom Makeover


I uninstalled that bad boy right away and put in a brand new one.

And, though I wish I could have also gotten new closet doors, I couldn’t fit in the budget this time. So I did a little makeshift closet door makeover. For about $5, the closet doors went from this:

Boy Bedroom Makeover

To this:

Boy Bedroom Makeover

Worth the extra time for just $5!

Is there still a bunch of crap in the closet behind those doors?

Totally … but let’s just focus on the doors themselves 😉

That pretty much wraps up the renovation portion of this project. All in all, I gutted the entire room, installed new carpet, baseboards, window trim, door trim, electrical fixtures, an overhead light, main door, gave the closet a makeover, and put up the shiplap wall. And, once I finished the renovation, I built a custom set of furniture.

Boy Bedroom Makeover

The room is very small – about 10’x 12′. I did my best to use the available space as efficiently as possible and kept it pretty simple with a twin bed, three drawer dresser, and toy organizer. I also added a couple ledge shelves to store books above the toys.

Last, but not least, I hung some white linen-look curtains. I found these great ones on Amazon, and they are by far my favorite curtains in the house! I really wanted white for this room but needed blackout since there’s a streetlight just outside the window (it’s super bright at night). I searched and searched and searched, ordered like 3 different sets, and then finally tried these out. They look like real linen but have a solid blackout lining in the back. I’ve never seen white curtains that are truly blackout until I ordered these. Hiiiiighly recommend!

Boy Bedroom Makeover

And there you have it – the brand new boy bedroom! We used to just close the door and pretend this room didn’t exist. Now, it feels like our house got ten times bigger since we’re using all three bedrooms. Funny how that works!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the boy bedroom reveal! If you’re interested in any of the items in this room, here is a list of sources:

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Boy Bedroom Makeover