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$5 Closet Door Makeover

You know the traditional flat panel doors that every older home likes to sport? Yeah, those … every closet in our house has those. When I started renovating Weston’s room, I knew they needed a face-lift. Though I would have loved to buy brand new doors, it just wasn’t in the budget for us. So…

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Boy Bedroom Makeover

You’ve seen the twin bed. The dresser. The toy organizer. And now it’s finally time for the full boy bedroom makeover reveal. Are there still tutorials to write for the rest of the room? Of course. I’m not really that on top of things. BUT! It’s been a couple months since I finished the room,…

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Faux Shiplap Wall for $20

This year I’m participating in monthly DIY Challenges with a wonderful group of DIY bloggers. This month’s them is DIY Home Improvement, and today I have one of my favorite projects from my latest boy bedroom makeover – a faux shiplap wall. Don’t forget to check out all the other great projects linked at the…

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How to Cut Crown Molding and Template Download

There are multiple ways to cut crown molding, but the simplest method is to cut it with the angled “flats” rested squarely along the fence and base of the saw. With this method, you only have to adjust the miter angle, rather than both the miter and bevel. My first experience with crown molding was…

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Easy Shaker Cabinet Doors

In my latest project, a built-in bookcase for the living room, I made my first attempt at building shaker cabinet doors. I went back and forth on how to do it, but finally decided on a combination of groove joints and pocket holes. The more traditional method is full tongue and groove joints, but I…

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DIY Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

This is a somewhat unconventional post around here. It does not involve building a kitchen island completely from scratch, but rather a combination of building and buying. When we first bought our new house, we knew we wanted to knock down the wall between the kitchen and living room and replace it with an island….

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