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how to refinish a dining chair

How to Refinish Dining Room Chairs

Hey all, thanks for stopping by Bitterroot DIY!

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Looking to give your dining room set a little face-lift? Look no further, friends!

I found this old dining room set on Craigslist and thought it’d be fun to try my hand at a flip job … it was definitely more work than I anticipated … as per usual 😉 but I’m stoked about the final result!…

How to reupholster a chair feature

How to Reupholster a Chair

Hey all! Things have been a little quiet around Bitterroot DIY lately due to the new addition to the family, but I’m picking it back up again this week!

A short aside: Mr. Weston Michael Sattler joined us on August 12 at 5:35pm and has completely flipped our lives upside-down. The best sort of upside-down 🙂

After recovering from the pregnancy and birth, I finally completed the dining table and chairs flip that I hinted at before Weston. So I’ve got three new posts coming your way, starting with how to reupholster a chair!…