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Girl Nursery Makeover

I haven’t talked nearly as much about this room makeover as Weston’s, buuuuut … SURPRISE! I also renovated our new daughter Ava’s new nursery! I shared the first little bit of the reno over on my Instagram, but then pretty much dropped off the face of all blogging/social media. Honestly, there was a lot of…

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$5 Closet Door Makeover

You know the traditional flat panel doors that every older home likes to sport? Yeah, those … every closet in our house has those. When I started renovating Weston’s room, I knew they needed a face-lift. Though I would have loved to buy brand new doors, it just wasn’t in the budget for us. So…

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Boy Bedroom Makeover

You’ve seen the twin bed. The dresser. The toy organizer. And now it’s finally time for the full boy bedroom makeover reveal. Are there still tutorials to write for the rest of the room? Of course. I’m not really that on top of things. BUT! It’s been a couple months since I finished the room,…

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