DIY Advent Wreath Cube

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This past Sunday was the start of Advent, so I put this quick Advent wreath together last week. It’s kinda like those popsicle projects for kids … but for adults! I just played with a few wooden dowels until I liked it and the candles fit, and this is what I came up with.

Enjoy the free plans!

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Tools & Supplies:


  • 12  |   1/4″ Dowels @ 6″
  • 6    |   1/2″ Dowels @ 6 1/2″

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Step 1.

Build two frames. Attach the dowels with wood glue.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

I just held the dowels in place until the glue set (which is pretty quick).

Step 2.

Connect the two frames with the top cross pieces.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Attach with wood glue.

Step 3.

Position the bottom braces on all four sides of the frame and glue in place.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

You should now have a cube.

Step 4.

Place the middle brace 2” from the bottom of the cube and glue in place.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Repeat for the opposite side.

Step 5.

Position the adjacent middle braces on top of the first braces and glue in place.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Step 6.

Add two dowels along the middle of the cube and glue in place. Double check the spacing for your candles to make sure they don’t slide all the way through the gaps. If necessary, separate the middle dowels until the candles sit nicely in the wreath. 

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

Step 7.

Finish as desired. I painted ours with Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint, which was really quick and easy!

Step 8.

Decorate as you wish.

DIY Advent Wreath Cube

I wrapped the corners with jute twine, wound faux branches, and added some pine cones and berries! Hot glue as necessary to hold things in place.

Top it all off with votive candles.

BAM! Brand new Advent wreath!


Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



DIY Advent Wreath Cube
DIY Advent Wreath Cube

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