Christmas Gift Wrapping – DIY Wood Gift Tags

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This year I joined 13 other bloggers in a Christmas gift wrapping blog hop! If you’re stopping by from the hop, welcome and don’t forget to visit the other bloggers linked below!

I like to focus on building here at Bitterroot DIY, so I decided to make some super simple DIY wood gift tags.

They’re a fun Christmas craft and add a little personal touch to your gifts!

Tools & Supplies


  • 1  |   ¼” x 1 x 3

*I found Aspen boards at Menards, but Home Depot also carries nice smaller boards. Or you could use craft wood (balsa or basswood) … whatever you have available should work just fine!


  • 1  |   1 x 3 @ 3.5”

Step 1.

Cut your 1 x 3 to length according to the cut list.

Measure and mark ½” in from each of the top corners.

To make the top corner cuts, I made a sort of jig for my miter saw. You can follow my method, or simply saw the corners off by hand.

To use a miter saw: Place an upright spare board along the fence of the saw and clamp in place. Set the saw to a 45 miter and cut through the spare board.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

Since the gift tag is so small, it’s difficult to see exactly where the saw will cut. The spare board eliminates that issue and also provides a nice bumper to rest the gift tag against.

Position the gift tag so that the guide cut aligns with top corner marks you made earlier.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

Make the first cut, flip the gift tag over, and repeat for the other side.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

Step 2.

Drill a small hole through the top of the gift tag. We’ll use that to thread the twine at the end.

Step 3.

Sand and finish as desired. I used Minwax Jacobean stain to provide some contrast against the canvas tag and kraft paper.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

If you choose to stain or paint your gift tag, make sure to let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Step 4.

Print your gift tag labels and adhere to the wood tag.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

I printed the labels onto some sticky-back canvasThe canvas gives the tag a natural look and is easy to simply cut out and stick on!

I found these images on The Graphics Fairy and resized and organized them to fit the gift tags.

Download the template here!

Step 5.

Thread a small piece of twine through the top of the gift tag and tie off at the end. 

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

There you have it for your new gift tags!

Now it’s on to wrapping!

Step 6. Wrapping

Start with some kraft paper.

This stuff is seriously The. Best.

Use it for shipping packages, stuffing packages, book covers (high school throwback) …

… or wrap a gift and top it with some ribbon that fits the occasion!

It’s perfect year round!

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

Finish things off with a touch of natural raffia and Christmas sprays and there you have it!

Fun gift wrapping with a sweet personal touch!

Christmas Gift Wrapping - DIY Wood Gift Tags

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Reader Interactions


  1. Nancy says

    What a great project! These are keepers from year to year. We have a tradition in my extended family of passing gift toppers back and forth…my MIL and I have passed a little Victorian girl tag back and forth for almost 20 years! Thanks for hopping with me!


    • tylynn_sattler says

      That’s such a great tradition! I might have to start something like that with these tags.
      Thanks for hosting the hop!


  2. Vicki and Jenn 2 Bees in a Pod says

    Oh my gosh – these wood gift tags are seriously the best ever! And thank you so much for introducing us to sticky-backed canvas! We have done tons of projects in our lives and have never heard of this until now – can’t wait to try it!. The images you chose to print out are super cute too! Wishing you and yours a joy filled Christmas season!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thanks so much! I found sticky-back canvas randomly one day and had no use for it but figured I’d better pick it up just in case … I’ve used it for so many projects now haha! Wishing you a great Christmas season as well!

  3. Susie says

    Ok. You had me at sticky back canvas. LOL. How did I not know this great product existed? Thanks for the heads up about that, but I digress. Let’s just get back to these great packages and the amazing tags you created. I love that they can be made, kept, and used year after year. What a great heirloom. It’s these kinds of special touches that makes the holidays so fun and memorable. Thanks for hopping with us! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  4. lynn spencer says

    How charming are these tags?! And easily stored and reused year after year…I’m all about recycling tags, ribbons, bows…you name it. And that sticky back canvas? Hmmm…need to noodle some on that great stuff. Thanks for the inspiration and the new product find!

    Hugs, Lynn

  5. KariAnne Wood says

    I love your blog!!!!!!! So many fun ideas and I wish I would have seen these tags before Christmas. Thinking about making some for Valentine’s Day!

    Happy day rockstar!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thanks so much! They wood (pun intended haha 🙂 ) be so cute for Valentines day. I’d love to see them if you make some!

      Have an awesome day!


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