Easiest DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand

Free plans and tutorial to build a DIY mobile miter saw stand for your workshop.

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So the craziest thing happened a few weeks ago. One of my friends over on Instagram broke 100k followers and did the COOLEST giveaway ever. I still can’t believe it, but he teamed up with Delta to give away one of their Delta Cruzer 10″ sliding miter saws and I won … like, WHATTT?! What is this life??? I don’t even know.

It was a completely random drawing and I guess I remembered to do all the correct things to enter and BAM. Here we are.

So this new DIY miter saw stand goes out to the new saw – you the real MVP of the shop!

Last summer I built a stationary DIY miter saw bench for my very first saw – a well used DeWalt from the ol’ Craigslist. And when I say well used, I mean I bought this thing off a contractor after like 10 years in the field. I was hoping to upgrade this summer, so this giveaway was really unbelievable. The big miter saw station is great, but my FAVORITE FAVORITE workbench is the mobile workbench I built for the table saw. I work out of the garage, so my goal is to be able to pull everything to the center to work and then push it back to the sides so we can pull the car in. The big workbench works great along the back wall, but I wanted to try out a mobile stand for the miter saw as well, just to see how it helps with work flow.

Alright, here you go – DIY mobile miter saw stand with collapsible wings.

Enjoy the plans!

DIY Miter Saw Stand

The lumber and cut lists are available for purchase. Your purchase also includes a downloadable PDF of the plans. If you prefer, the plans are available in the post below – you simply have to calculate the lumber and cut lists yourself. Thank you for your support.

** NOTE: I built this workbench so the wings are at standard kitchen counter-top height (36″). If you’re tall, you may want to adjust the legs to make it a little taller.

Step 1.

Build the frames for the center of the mobile miter saw stand. Make sure the frame is square and use two 2 1/2″ self tapping screws on each end of the 2x4s to attach them together.

DIY Miter Saw Stand frame step 1

Assemble two frames – one for the miter saw shelf and one for the bottom shelf.

DIY Miter Saw Stand frame step 2

Step 2.

Repeat the same process to build two frames for the wings as shown below. Again use two 2 1/2″ self taping screws on each end of the 2x4s.

DIY Miter Saw Stand frame step 3

Step 3.

Next, attach the legs to the center frame. Line the legs up so they’re flush with the edges and bottom of the first frame. Use 2 1/2″ self tapping screws to secure them.

DIY Miter Saw Stand frame step 4

I used three screws per leg – two through the side 2x4s and one through the center of the ends of the front and back 2x4s.

Repeat for the second center frame.

DIY Miter Saw Stand frame step 5

Step 4.

Now it’s time to attach the folding brackets.

The brackets came with exactly ZERO instructions, but they’re pretty straightforward. I didn’t use the included screws since they were huge and looked like they’d split and destroy the 2x4s. Instead, I opted to use 1 1/4 self tapping screws and washers.

DIY Miter Saw Stand hinges

Line the bracket up with the outside of the leg, level it, and align it at the top to hold the wing level with the top of your miter saw table and fence. The tabletop of my miter saw sits at 3 5/8″, so I set the brackets so the wings fold up exactly level with that.

Use a long 6″ bit to reach in the bracket and attach it to the legs.

I ended up removing the single 2 1/2″ screws I drove through the end of each of those center frame 2x4s so I could get the brackets in the correct place. I took the screw out, lined the bracket up where it needed to be, and then used a washer and that same 2 1/2″ screw to secure the very top of each bracket. So the screw and joint is still the same – it’s just holding the bracket as well.

DIY Miter Saw Stand hinge screws

You can opt to leave those screws out until now when you attach the brackets, or just remove them one by one as you attach the brackets like I did.

I used 1 1/4″ screws and washers to secure the rest of the bracket.

Step 5.

Once the brackets are secured to the legs, position the wings and attach the brackets to them.

The brackets should be centered in the bottom of the wing 2x4s.

Make sure everything is square – it may take a little shimming and finagling – so the brackets slide smoothly.

Step 6.

Flip the whole thing over and attach the locking casters to the bottom. I suppose you could do this before attaching the wings, but I did it after – totally up to you!

I used 1 1/4″ screws and washers to secure the casters. The holes for attaching the casters are larger than the screw heads, thus the washers.

Step 7.

Lastly, add the tabletops.

I secured the tabletops to the frames with 1 1/4″ self tapping screws in each corner.

DIY Miter Saw Stand

Countersink the screws for a perfectly flat tabletop and shelves.

And there you have it – easiest DIY mobile miter saw stand EVER!

DIY Miter Saw Stand

Let’s just ignore all the random cords hanging from the ceiling and molding back corner of drywall … focus on the beautiful workbench haha!

DIY Miter Saw Stand

Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bitterroot DIY

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DIY Miter Saw Stand

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  1. Amana says

    Congrats on winning a mitre saw. I’m looking to buy a mitre saw and this looks like a great bench. Thanks for the detailed instructions. I will be bookmarking this page. If your wood is flat on the side tables is it at the same level on the saw? Also What was your final cost for this?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Yes the wings are at the same height as the miter saw table so you can run boards across it to cut. The final cost will vary depending on your location and what lumber or hardware costs in your area. I had a lot of the lumber on-hand.

  2. Devon Reid says

    Am I missing something with the center tabletops? The cut list says 2 24×32. But that seems to make sense for the top, because it also covers the tops of the legs. The bottom one however seems to fit in between the legs. So, should it be 24×29? Again, I may not be seeing something right. Thank you

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. My mistake! I updated the cut list. Thanks!

      • Devon Reid says

        Thanks for the response. Waiting on the folding arms to show up from Amazon before I can finish it. Great build, btw.

      • Martin Hocking says

        How do you go for full angle cuts on the mitre at 45°-50°?
        Without moving the saw forward from where it’s mounted in the photos, it looks like it will foul the front edges of the wings?

        • tylynn_sattler says

          It’s not mounted in the photos – I just set it on the workbench. If you mount it at the front of the shelf, you shouldn’t have any issues cutting full miters. That’s why I built the shelf wider than the saw.

      • Brian says

        Hi there- another typo unless I’m just missing something! The cut diagram shows 2’x2’9” (wrong) but the cut list shows 24” x 32” (right). 2’9” is 33” but the tabletop should be 32” as called for in the cut list.

        • tylynn_sattler says

          Thanks for catching that. I’ll make sure to double check and update the list and diagrams

      • Danny Melgarejo says

        Was the cultist updated. I just tried building this, but I have 1 square using the 2x4x214 I have 1 square using the 2x4x29 and 2 squares using 2x4x21.
        Am I off?

        • tylynn_sattler says

          You should have two frames that are 29″x24″ (center) and two frames that are 24″x24″ (wings).

          • Blake Price says

            Hi Tylynn, great table and easy concept. I did want to point out that your Delta Table Saw cutting surface appears to be at 3 & 1/2 ” height. I checked my Hitachi Saw height and it is at 4 & 1/2 height. So I used 2 X 6″ boards for the wings and lowered the brackets 1 inch, giving me the 4 & 1/2 height I needed. Thank you for sharing this table. Very functional and beats the standard in store tables!
            All the best.

    • Andrew Dunbar says

      Made this in an afternoon, added an adjustable shelf with the extra particle board and my kreg shelf jig. I’m storing a bunch of power tools underneath. Absolutely love this table. It’s working out perfectly.

  3. Steve Bossie says

    I must have looked at a HUNDRED examples of miter saw stands, many of them by very well-known woodworkers, and yours is the one I’m building. Great job. Thanks!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you, that’s a huge compliment! I just kept it simple and straightforward. Works great!

  4. Keely Oswald says

    Brackets and casters just came in!! I’m going to head out and build, so excited!! Thank you for all your hard work and sweet gift of free plans!!

      • Peter Nazario says

        Great job on the build and video. My question is where did you get your folding brackets from, Amazon? I’m looking forward to following your build instructions and making this for myself.

  5. Chris Brown says

    Just wanted to let you know I took your plans and merged with a flip top design. My first time doing something that big and different. Didn’t go as easy as you made it but about 90% done.
    Wouldn’t mind sending you pictures

    • tylynn_sattler says

      That’s awesome! I was just talking about doing a flip top version sometime!

  6. Carlos says

    I Like the fact that I can build this table with the few tools I already have. I have seen several builds that require more advanced tools that I or many of us don’t have. Yours will work perfect for me.
    Thanks for taking the time and doing the tutorial, posting the plans and links. I will definitely will be buying the stuff from your posted links to support your tutorials at no extra cost of any of us copycats. Keep up the good work.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you so much! I tried to keep it really simple and straightforward. I appreciate the support!

  7. Daryl Dungan says

    I have been collecting my tools so now I am ready to start on my woodworking hobby. Your miter saw stand will be my first project. Wish me luck.

      • Andrew says

        Do you offer printable/pdf plans so I don’t hafta keep zooming in on pinterest?

        • tylynn_sattler says

          Sorry, I do not have downloadable plans right now. But I’m working on getting the software set up to do that soon. I should have a downloadable version of these plans out this afternoon.

  8. Tanya says

    I am so glad I found this post. I’ve been looking for a compact station for weeks and this is just what I needed. Not sure how I missed it before. I’ve already bought the casters and brackets (opted for the larger ones… I’m a scaredy cat) and will be getting lumber soon. Thank you soooo much Tylynn. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! You have great work!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you so much! I actually just posted this project so it may not have been up yet when you were looking a few weeks ago. Hope you like it!

  9. Eric says

    I really like the simplicity of your design and plan to build it this weekend. Now that you have had it for a while and have probably used it a few times, are there any changes you would make to the design? Have the folding brackets for the wings held up well, or has there been any sagging?

    Also, it appears that the center section is several inches wider than the saw base. Is there a functional reason for this? Or is it just for stability?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      I’m really happy with it and wouldn’t change anything so far! The folding brackets are working great and no sagging. I made the center wider than the base of the saw so I can turn the saw all the way to full miters on both sides. If it’s tight to the sides, it gets in the way of the handle. I’ve seen people build the front half at an angle though so you could have it tight to the sides of the saw base and then angle the front half out at the same angle that the handle hits when you cut miters.

  10. Ryan says

    Rather than using the folding brackets which I felt would sag over time. I cut 4 hardwood triangles that with hinges mounted to swing in and out, rather than up and down. Just lift the deck and open the stops to sit the table on. Just a modification if your brackets start sagging

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Great idea! I thought about doing that but decided to go with brackets for ease.

  11. Ray says

    I just built the stand today and it came out great. I decided to use 1/2″ MDF because that’s what I had. When I screwed my saw to the stand I added a 2×4 under the underneath just for added support!

  12. Upinder Singh says

    I have been searching for mobile miter saw stand for a while (yeah! number of saved videos tell it all 🙂 ) and yours is probably the most simple, elegant and practical. Will be building this next weekend. Thank you for sharing the plans.

  13. Tim says

    Excellent plans! Cant wait to see how this turns out Building this weekend in an attempt to reorganize my garage

  14. Lynn stuckey says

    Awesomeness! Easiest design I have ever seen. FYI there are several sizes for the supports 12 14 16 etc. Thank you PS are the instructions printable?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thanks! Yes, there are multiple sizes of brackets. I don’t have printable plans at this time, but I’m working on getting the software to produce printable PDFs ASAP.

  15. Dave says

    Awesome build. I was looking for a compact design for my miter saw and this is perfect. Do the top of the wings sit level with the top of the Miter saw table? I’m wondering if lumber that stretches across the wings are level with the Miter saw table surface.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Yes, I mounted the brackets so the wings are level with the saw table. You may have to adjust depending on the height of your miter saw.

  16. Michael Hulgan Jr says

    I’m building this today. Looking forward to it. Great and simple plan. Did you measure the height of your miter saw so the foldable shelves would be flush with your saw? Just want to make sure I don’t build a stand for your saw and not mine. 🙂

  17. Sammy Balakrishnan says

    Hi, I was looking for a plan for my mitre saw. Loved your one and am going to build it. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the fantastic work.

  18. Scott says

    The link for the folding brackets just list some “L” shaped brackets, did the link change? Thank you for posting this!! I’m gonna try to build this one!!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Sorry about that. I just checked and the link is correct, but maybe it changed for a bit? Sometimes the Amazon links do that without any notification or anything. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  19. Zach says


    Great build. I’m following along for my own station, I just bought my first miter saw! However, I do have one question: The top of my miter saw measures 4 and 1/4 from the bottom- what adjustment to the wings would I make to make sure they are flat with the top of the miter saw surface?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      You could mount the brackets a little higher or use wider boards to build the wings so they sit higher. Or you could add extra shims on top of the 2×4 wing frames, under the particleboard. Hope that helps!

  20. Ronnie Elliott says

    Does the length of the legs and the height of the casters make the height 36″?
    Also what is a flip top?
    Love the looks of your table. It is just what I have been looking for.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Yes, it’s about 36″ tall when the wings are up – countertop height. I’m not sure I understand the question about what a flip top is?

  21. Mario T. says

    Great build! Thank you for the plans! I’m in the process of finishing up this station myself. A couple of notes on my experience… For the link on the folding brackets, you mentioned it was a “pack of 4″, but it now links to standard L brackets, with an option to click for 12” folding brackets “pack of 2”. In my rush I figured pack of 2 meant 2 sets… nope! So my bad… had to order a second set which will be here tomorrow. 🙁 A second duh moment for me was that the linked 3″ casters weren’t available when I wanted to order them, so I searched for comparable ones on Amazon and found a different set. I didn’t check the base size on the ones I chose and size of base was a little different. Your linked ones are 3.7″ x 2.55″, while the ones I chose were 3.74″ x 2.55″… and yes, that .04″ made a difference when lining up the screwholes to mount. 1 of the holes doesn’t quite hit on wood, so buyers, be careful on those base sizes! One last note is triple check your height on your wings so you mount the brackets exactly to the height you need in order for the wings to be level to your saw’s top face. I’m off by about 3/16″ and will need to shim up my saw… no biggie… I’m putting in a 3/16″ sheet under my MDF top to bring it up to level, (unless someone has a better idea). I’m planning on adding an extended fence on the wings as well, (probably removable to have the option of more work surface if needed) Overall a fantastic table that I plan on finishing up tomorrow and excited to put to use. Thank you so much for making the plans available!!!

  22. Mike says

    Just bought a great miter saw and your plans are perfect! Will start building tomorrow and just ordered the brackets from your link. Thanks so much for the video and plans.

  23. Matt says

    Like so many other’s have said, this is the simplest table I’ve found with the most detailed and helpful instructions. This is also the one I’ll be building. The parts list that takes you to Amazon was an amazing addition to this list. Thanks.

  24. Andrea says

    Hy Tylynn,
    I found your video on your new Youtube channel about this mobile miter saw.
    I write to you from Italy (i hope you understand my English 😛 also if it isn’t perfect … Soon, when i’ll move to the new house (and i’ll have a double garage to use also for small diy works) I surely build this one!
    Very interesting are the sliding side. I will study on my project a wood “moving frame” from behind the bench with also 2 other “moving frames” (with “hinges”? is the correct name? I hope :P) that closes the sides (like a |_| ) around the miter saw so i’ll not have a lot of wood dust in the garage or on the floor anyway.
    I’ll go now on FB to see all your others videos! Have a nice weekend.

  25. Damon says

    Hi Tylynn,

    First of all mahalo for your time and thoughtfulness in creating such a functional Mitre stand.

    I was wondering, what are your ideas for adding a “fence” and “stop blocks?”

    Brudda Damon

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you! I haven’t added a fence or stop blocks to this miter saw stand yet. But if I do, I’ll just attach them to the tabletops on the wings so they fold up and down with them. I’m not sure if that answers the question?

  26. Marcus LeDuc says

    I just made mine today according to your instructions. It was my first wood working project. Thanks a lot for posting this

  27. Mark Stepanek says

    Hi Tylynn,
    They say timing is everything. I have a new miter saw. You just published awesome plans for a mobile stand. Coincidence? I think not

    Great plans and easy to follow directions for a beginner like me with a new miter saw that cries out for a rolling stand!

    Couple of questions:
    -should I size my top before cutting to make sure I can turn my saw all the way to 50 degrees either way? Yours looks plenty big enough but I have a different saw.
    -do you think the wings can be made out of 2×2’s instead of 2×4’s to save a little coverall width and weight? Obviously screw size would have to change. Have pretty limited space. Sorry, I’m a beginner.

    Just waiting on the brackets and wheels to be delivered then off to get some (more) wood.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Perfect timing!

      I measured the saw when it was turned all the way to full miters to make sure it would fit, so I think these measurements should work for you as well. However, I recommend double checking since you have a different saw.

      I think you could make the wings with 2x2s and be just fine. The brackets are what really ever holds any weight anyways.

      Thanks so much for using my plans and good luck!

  28. Jim McD. says


    Do you know if the 12″ saw will fit on the stand? Or does anyone have the 12″ version of this saw on the stand? Thanks!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      I think so. I put my 12″ sliding compound DeWalt on it the other day and it fit just fine. Just double check the measurements when the saw is at its far miters to either side to make sure it won’t hit the sides.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you! No, the center boxes and wing boxes are different sizes. Please refer to the plans for exact dimensions.

  29. Nancy Taylor says

    Thank you so much for your plans! I made a work bench and then decided I needed more space AND it couldn’t take up more space AND it needed to ell with the miter saw problem. This fit the bill perfectly! I made the box and am waiting for the right size collapsible hinges from Amazon. They sent me 10 inch but your ideas have inspired me that I can just put another board on the other side for extra space without a big box. Saving space but giving me ample space when I pull out my van I can open it all up and play carpenter! Thank you so much!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      That’s so great to hear! I’m glad the plans will work out for you. Good luck!

  30. Danielle says

    Hi! I’m confused… I bought wood A few days ago based on this post but now I’m legitimately in the garage ready to cut and there’s no cut list 🙁 I try to purchase your cut list now but I click add to cart and nothing happens. Help!! Haha

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Sorry about that. I just rolled out a new thing on my site where I’m charging a little for the lumber and cut lists. I’m not sure what’s going on with the cart? All the other orders I’ve seen have gone through just fine. I know this sounds stupid, but did you check the cart after you added it? There’s an icon in the top left corner that will take you to the cart a little different way and maybe that will kick it into gear?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      It’s 3 5/8″. I just attached the brackets at the correct height so the wings sit level with the top of the miter saw tabletop.

      • Warren says

        Hi! Your build looks great. Sorry if this is an obvious question but I’m new to woodworking. If you’re using a 2×4 frame for the wings, then your wings are 3 1/2″ high. If your miter saw sits at 3 5/8″ high, how did you adjust your build to account for the 1/8″ difference? Did you put the top of the brackets 1/8″ above the frame you built? In your youtube video, it looked like the top of the brackets were flush with the top of the frame. Thank you so much in advance!

        • tylynn_sattler says

          I scooted the brackets up just a little to adjust for that extra 1/8″. I didn’t catch that in the YouTube video though cus I thought it was simpler to just show it how I did – still learning the best way to teach over here!

          • Warren says

            Thank you! I thought your video and explanation were great, this was my one question. I’m going to give it a shot this weekend!

  31. Steve says

    Thanks for this project. I have looked at dozens of plans, most much more complicated, but none more functional than this plan. Built it this weekend and it went very smooth thanks to your details. I made my saw platform 2” larger due to the size/miter angle of my Dewalt sliding compound saw. It turned out great! Now I’m going to add sliding extensions to further support longer wood without having to use a roller stand. I’ll let you know if that works. Thanks so much for the post!

  32. Joshua L Pugh says

    I’m dying to show you my spin on this project. Just finished it today. I had to change some dimensions to fit a larger saw. You guys have an email or forum to share these images?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      That’s great – I’d love to see it! I don’t have a forum right now but I’ve been trying to set one up. You can email me photos at [email protected] for now though!

  33. Wade Stapleton says

    I built the miter saw stand this weekend and it turned out great! The step-by-step instructions were so helpful. Hope to send pictures soon.

    Thank you!

  34. Paul says

    This is a great plan. I did notice one issue. In the cut list for the particle board that the saw will sit on needs to be reduced from 29 inches to 28 inches. That needs to be flush with the outside of the legs for the wings to be fully opened. I’m going to be mounting the wings tonight so wish me luck.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Thank you for calling that to my attention – I updated the plans. Just a heads up though – the dimensions are feet and inches, so it’s 2’8″ not 28″. Don’t want you to misread and mess that up!

  35. Danny says

    How long of boards can this stand hold? My saw table top is a little over 4.25 inches, would my best option be making the wings out of 2×6 boards, and then mount the bracket lower on the stand legs? Great instructions and video! Looking forward to building this.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      I cut mostly 8′ boards on it, but I’ve also cut 10′. It really just depends where you have it positioned along the tabletop (I hope that’s what you meant by that question?).

      I think 2×6 boards would work great!

  36. Dan says

    Thank you for the plans. Built this and it came out great. Not sure if I missed this but how did you attach the side table tops to the bracket?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Just screw them to the brackets from the bottom. I showed it in the YouTube video, but didn’t really walk through it in the post here.

  37. Prashant says

    After attaching the wings to the brackets, I noticed that they sag a fair bit and as such are not quite horizontal to the mitre saw table top. The bracket itself is attached quite well to the legs and I used longer brackets. Any ideas on what may be causing the wings to sag and how I can fix it.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      The brackets have a little give in them. I usually just use a small piece of scrap wood to shim the end of the board up to level with the saw when necessary. It’s unfortunate that the brackets have a little wiggle given the price, but mine are that way too.

  38. Prashant says

    Thanks Tylynn. I did some shimmying with washers between the legs and brackets and that made it much better. Love the stand!

  39. Ribeiro Alves says

    Thanks 🙂 Tylynn Sattler for the great informative article i just bookmarking your site because i am newbie..
    i am searching to buy miter saw and this looks study same like bench.. and whats the final coast for this miter saw?

    • tylynn_sattler says

      There’s a link to the saw in the “Tools & Supplies” section at the top of the post. Or you can just look up Delta Cruzer 10″ saw. Ryobi also makes a good miter saw if you’re just getting started.

  40. Val says

    Build looks easy and well made so after searching many of these going with this one. Not able to purchase the lumber plans but hopefully I can figure it out based on my saw size etc. Just curious if while using the saw does it move around at all while cutting being there are wheels on it? Even locked just want to make sure it doesn’t move around.

    Thank and thanks for sharing!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      No I haven’t had any issues with it moving. The locking casters lock completely in place.

  41. abdur rahman says

    oh great .this is really great miter saw. and blade good for working. i was looking someday good miter saw but i didn’t find. now i find a great miter saw. thanks you so much .

  42. Victor Kao says

    How were you able to make sure the wings were exactly level with the cutting surface of the miter saw? I assume not all miter saws are the same height? Feel like this might be the biggest challenge for me if I build this, wondering how you were able to get around it!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      I measured the height of my miter saw tabletop and then attached the brackets so the wings sat at that height when they’re up.

  43. Jdaniels says

    Had to add a small wood block under the cart since the wheels had 4 screws and there was no room for all of them using the original plan. Just have the wings to build now and want to add a stop block of some sort. Have you considered an option for a simple stop block for this cart? If so, love any suggestions. Thx

    • tylynn_sattler says

      I don’t have a stop block on it, but I know Kreg Tool makes stob block tracks that you can attach to the workbench – would work well to just attach a couple to the wings I think

  44. RICK DANZEY says

    While I haven’t built this just yet, I feel that this will be a fantastic addition to my garage where space is a premium. I don’t intend to use it for a miter saw stand I do plan to use it to set up my ammo reloading equipment. Your design is perfect for providing more than ample work space and not taking up too much floor space. I’ll send photos when I’m up and running.

  45. Dan Jopes says

    I completed this bench last night and its a workhorse. I followed your plans, except my wings are 41″ high and I used 4″ wheels. This replaces my card table on sawhorses. I have a 10″ Ryobi saw, my deck is 3″ high. When building, I placed the wings on the sawhorse to get them level with the deck, then I marked and installed the brackets. I then screwed the wings to the brackets and wha-la, level. It is definitely one of the most important items in my shop. I’ll put a bbq cover on it and store it outside, perfect for southern Cal. Thank you very much, you rock!

  46. Kady says

    This is perfect for my workshop!! May I ask if you prefer a regular workbench to be on casters or not? Are ones with casters sturdy enough to work on (ie. sanding, drilling without shaking)? THANK YOU so much for this plan! I’ll be making this in a few days!

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Yes, I have all my workbenches on casters so I can move them around. The 3″ locking casters are very solid.

  47. Rami Sabouni says

    Thanks for the plans. It is very helpful and easy to do. I am almost done with my mitre saw table. I want to add a stop block. do you have any ideas for it?

    I will post a picture once I have the table finished.

  48. Les Cassibo says

    Wow, what a fun and quick project that was needed so much. No more having to move the saw on the floor or pull out the work-mate. Thanks for posting. I did end up adding another pair of 2×4’s on the bottom for the castors. I used lag bolts with the castors and the wood started to split. The 2×4’s worked great but adds and additional 1.5″ to the overall height. Thanks again

  49. Patrick says

    Bought 2 sets of the folding brackets from your link. Looking forward to putting this thing all together.

  50. Ben says

    I am planning to build this with 1 major mod and 1 minor mod:

    1. Major: I am going to build it to allow me to swap out my table saw or my Miter saw in the “business area” of the stand. This will require different dimensions and also the use of a filler block to bring the Miter Saw cut surface up the same height as the table saw.

    2 Minor: If you flip the bottom frame over you can create a drawer-like space with the frame 2X4’s becoming the sides of the drawer to store things.

    Wish me luck!

  51. Ed says

    Your new system that’s supposed to charge me $2.95 for a copy of the plans might use a tweek. It has taken my Paypal charge, but I won’t get the plans for two weeks, December 3.. Were you aware of this?

    I hope you can fix this and then delete this message.

  52. Hazrl says

    Thank you so much for the plans, I have started to make this, I’ve got to the point of putting the tops on.
    I will say putting the casters on before the wing brackets is a better idea 💡
    So super easy to follow your plans!
    Looking forward to creating more projects using this cart!

  53. Kurt Bleicken says

    If you move the folding bracket up so the movable arm is level with the top of the table, could you make the shelves longer and butt them up to the mitre saw? When folded the shelves would stick up a few inches.

    • tylynn_sattler says

      Not sure if I completely get your comment, but the height of the folding arms depends on your saw. Mine sit level with the table of the saw when they’re up and fold down to level with the tabletop.

  54. Rich says

    Made the cart yesterday. Added T-Track to both wing tops and a slot in the front for a speed square. I like it so much I may shellac the surfaces to keep it fresh looking. Thank you very much!