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Geometric Shelf – Scrap Wood Series #12

If you’re just joining, welcome to the Bitterroot Scrap Wood Series!

Head over to Day 1 to catch the beginning of the shenanigans, as well as our exciting news.

Long story short – I’m sharing a new scrap wood project every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in May and this is Day 12!

DIY Geometric Shelf

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Sometimes mistakes are a blessing in disguise.

Such was the case with this DIY geometric shelf.

It is actually the product of my third attempt at a photo frame.

Photo frames themselves are not difficult to make, but I could not for the life of me get the measurements right for this one.

I was trying to frame some spring canvases, but the corners of the canvas (where the edges fold over) added more length and width to the frame than I accounted for. I had the frame all ready to go .. sanded, stained, sealed … but it just would not fit around the canvas.

In my second attempt, I just flat out forgot to add the width of the side frame pieces … so my top and bottom frames were 1.5″ too short.

So just in case anyone’s wondering … DIY does not always go according to plan 😉

But it was a happy mistake and I decided to “scrap” … see what I did there 😉 … the whole canvas frame idea and made this geometric shelf instead!


Tools & Supplies:


  • 1 x 2  |   40″


  • 4  |   1 x 2 @ 10″ (on the short side) with 45 miter



Once you’ve made the cuts, apply wood glue to the ends of the 1 x 2s. Arrange the four sides into a square, clamp in place, and attach with finish nails.


DIY Geometric Shelf


You can choose to finish the frame before or after assembly.

I sanded and stained before assembly and then sealed the whole thing with Krylon Acrylic Spray once it was together.

And that’s that!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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DIY Geometric Shelf

DIY Geometric Shelf

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