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Girl Nursery Makeover

I haven’t talked nearly as much about this room makeover as Weston’s, buuuuut … SURPRISE! I also renovated our new daughter Ava’s new nursery! I shared the first little bit of the reno over on my Instagram, but then pretty much dropped off the face of all blogging/social media. Honestly, there was a lot of stress the last 2 months of the pregnancy, and I didn’t have it in me to share as much of the process. I took all the anxiety out on the room and just got lost in the work without worrying about sharing it. Not a very traditional approach to a blog project, but it saved my sanity those last couple months! Miss Ava made her debut a few weeks early, but I managed to wrap up the final touches a couple days before she was born at the end of March.

It was so fun to put together a girl nursery after finishing up Weston’s big boy room.


girl nursery ideas

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Let’s start with a few “before” photos! This room didn’t need nearly the amount of work that Weston’s did, but it was still a little dated.

girl nursery before

I started by removing all the baseboards, window trim, door trim, and scraped the popcorn ceiling. Standard reno procedure, you know.

The whole project started out pretty straightforward, but thennnnn …

girl nursery before

I thought it’d be fun to move the closet! It used to sit right behind the main door to the room:

girl nursery before

And nowww:

girl nursery ideas

It’s about 5′ to the right, just next to the window.

My dad helped me out with that part of the project. I’ve done a little framing and have a structural engineering background, but he has a lot more experience with both. So we took a weekend to frame out the new closet, close in the old one, and put up drywall. Then, I finished it off with mud and tape. I also gave the doors a quick makeover. They went from bi-fold-flat-panel drab to totally-and-completely fab! … just pretend that was more eloquent than it was …

Anyways – why did I move the closet, you ask?

It’s the first step in my grand master plan for expanding the master bedroom closet and remodeling the bathroom!

How are those related?

Stay tuned over the next few months … But, for now, let’s continue the tour of the new nursery!

Once the new closet was in place, I gave the room a fresh coat of paint with Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter”.

girl nursery ideas

Let me tell ya, there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular ‘greige’ colors right now! It’s the perfect mix of warm and cool. It pairs wonderfully with the white trim, wood accents, and pink decor – perfect for a baby girl nursery.

After painting, I installed new baseboards and door trim. I used pre-primed 1×4 MDF boards and painted them with Sherwin-Williams “Extra White” trim urethane.

I’ve shared this great window update method in both the kitchen and boy room reveals, and here it is again! I simply primed and painted the old wood frame and re-did the trim with pine 1x4s.

It’s kind of embarrassing how much I enjoy re-doing all our windows like this. But I’m not gonna lie … I was really excited that there were TWO windows in this room! It makes such a big difference so quickly!

girl nursery ideas

I like to put blackout curtains in the bedrooms both for privacy and blocking light but didn’t want that “heavy” of a pink in here, so I tried out double curtain rods for the first time. I paired some light grey blackout curtains with blush sheer curtains, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out – very soft and feminine!

girl nursery ideas

Once the windows were done, it was time for finishing touches! I put together a small set of ledge shelves, made a few hoop wreaths for over the dresser, grabbed new curtains, and set up a small blanket ladder to display favorite blankets.

The furniture is still a little mismatched, but that’s alright for now!. I actually built the blanket ladder and dresser for Weston’s nursery back when I found out I was pregnant with him. A few years later and it’s still around … might be time to update soon … but that’s another project for another day!

girl nursery ideas

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the baby girl nursery makeover and got a few new ideas. If you’re interested in any of the items in this room, here is a list of sources:

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girl nursery ideas
girl nursery ideas


Friday 3rd of May 2019

Ahh it's so cute! Feels very warm and cozy and girlish. You did such an amazing job with this! I saw your pin on Pinterest and had to double check to see if it was your work or something professional that you'd just repinned. So impressive!


Friday 3rd of May 2019

Wow, thanks Hannah! That seriously means so much.

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