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Silverware Caddy – Scrap Wood Series #15

If you’re just joining, welcome to the Bitterroot Scrap Wood Series!

Head over to Day 1 to catch the beginning of the shenanigans, as well as our exciting news.

Long story short – I’ve been sharing a new scrap wood project every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in May and this is the final project … Day 15!

Silverware Caddy

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This final scrap wood project is a couple days late, but we made it – all 15 are out! There are a million and one more things you could do with scrap wood, but I tried to introduce some variety and a few new ideas for ya 🙂

I haven’t mentioned it here on the blog yet, but if you follow along on Instagram you know that I’m mid kitchen renovation now on our new house! Yes … we bought a house. Also big news that I haven’t had time to write about here on the blog yet … just trying to keep my head on straight over here haha 😉

Anywayyyyssss … you may have seen a few weeks ago that I resigned from my job and there was a whirlwind of events and chaos and I was super vague about everything.


Part of that was that we bought a house.

And we started renovating right away.

And it’s sort of a disaster zone.

And I’ve been a little pre-occupied with it.

So the scrap wood projects got a little off schedule.

But alas, we’ve made it to number 15!

And it’s perfect for grilling season.



Tools & Supplies:

  • Handles
  • Wood Glue
  • Finish Nails & Nailer (or hammer & nails)


  • 1  |   1 x 2 @ 6′
  • 1  |   1 x 6 @ 2′


  • 6  |   1 x 2 @ 1′ (side slats)
  • 2  |   1 x 6 @ 5 1/2″ (ends)
  • 1  |   1 x 6 @ 10 1/2″ (base)


Silverware Caddy


Position the ends flush to the base and attach with wood glue and finish nails.


Silverware Caddy


Add the side slats one at a time starting from the bottom and working up. Space them approximately 1/2″ apart. Attach with wood glue and finish nails.


Silverware Caddy


Once all the glue has dried, stain and finish as desired. I used Minwax Special Walnut stain and sealed it with spray-on polyurethane.

Finally, add the handles.

That’s all there is for this one! It’s super quick and a great use for scraps.


Silverware Caddy


Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Now that we’ve finished up the scrap wood series, I’ve got lots of kitchen renovation shenanigans coming your way shortly! I’ve been covered in drywall and mud and paint and primer and sawdust and who-knows-what-else the last few weeks, but it’s all starting to come together. And there is so much to share 🙂

Follow along on Instagram for the latest from the renovation.

Happy Tuesday!



Silverware Caddy

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